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About Me

Hello! Welcome to La Vie Est Belle!  

Have you ever heard that art and science don't really get along?  That they can contradict one another and that rarely do they compliment each other?   I believe that art is the perfect manifestation of science and that science can have a deep and moving influence on people through art.  I think photography is a perfect balance of those two great pillars.   I don't know when I began to take an interest in photography began but I have only been "serious" about photography since April of this year.  When I say serious I mean that I switched from jpeg files to RAW files.  

Let me put it out there that photography is no my profession but it is one of my passions that I have recently decided to develop.  By trade I'm a dentist.  I know right! I photographer dentist, that's weird?!?  Next time you are in a dental chair ask you dentist how much art there is in dentistry and how much science.  I bet you'll be surprised with their response.  But not only am I a dentist I am a Navy dentist! What? A photographer navy dentist?  Yes, that's me.  I love my country and love what this country has given me and hope to be able to give back to the world what I have received.  

Why did a Navy dentist decide that photography was a good idea?

I guess I've always liked photography.  My father always had a camera and took photos of all of my high school activities.  He also took photos of buildings and landscapes.  I think in the back of my mind I always admired them but never in my life up until this year did I have time to dedicate my effort to it.  But I think another reason why I decided to get "serious" is because the world around me is beautiful!  There is so much beauty in the world and we are too busy texting, facebooking and all together distracted to see what God has really given us.  I've never found a person who doesn't (deep down perhaps) that doesn't enjoy disconnecting for an hour or so finding a nice quiet place to sit and watch the sunset.  It are those moments that are some what magical.

Home Sweet Home

I have a hard time reading the news because of all the ugly things that is out there.  The cases of abuse, hate, destruction, war, sickness, addiction and violence is enough to cause us all to go into depression. Who wouldn't want to hike to a mountain or sit at the base of a lake and watch the sunrise?  Who wouldn't want to take time and get a deep breath of fresh air and realize that good does exist in our world!  

That beauty is everywhere!

La Vie Est Belle.