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Busy Family Life



When Linz and I first got married we thought we were busy.  I was studying to get good grades so I could get into dental school.  Linz was going to graduate school.  I worked part time and Linz worked full time.  We thought we were busy then....

Then Kennedy came along. Then McKay was not to be out striped by his sister came a little earlier than expected and planned.  Life was busy then. I was going to dental school which is equivalent to 30-35 credit hours of regular collage classes. I had to take and pass my Part II boards, state licensing exam and finish all of the requirements to graduate from school. Linz taught part time at a community college.  Kennedy and McKay went to the YMCA, dance and gymnastics.  Linz was also the primary president at church, having responsibility of over 100 kids and over 20 teachers and callings.  We thought we were busy then...

Now we are in Virginia Beach with a third child. Life has become, if at all possible, even busier than before.  Maybe not busier.  Just fuller.  For example the other day I got up at 4:30 AM went to work and then got home went directly to an appointment and didn't get home until 8 PM. during this time Linz is taking the kids to preschool, soccer, library story time, play ground and other activities that they want to do.  Linz goes to the gym and just got a personal trainer.  She is able to get 3 kids out the door multiple times in a day and manages still to get to all activities on time.  She does this while keep the house nearly spotless, always making dinner, christmas decorations every where and volunteering to watch a neighbor kid so their mom can go to a doctors appointment. We think we are busy now... 

Oh and by the way because we are going to Japan we just got asked to do a mass of paper work including collecting doctors information, dental information, vaccines, preschool information and who knows what else so that we can be transferred to Japan later next year.  

Even if life is busy we still know how to have fun.  Which I think is the best part about my wife and our family.  There is always time to have fun.  My Father in law was in town for Hayden's baby blessing and so we took them to the Mariner Museum in Newport News.  It was an awesome museum full of navy history.  We loved it and the kids got to play pirates and even steer the ship.  

Below are some fun pictures inside museum of some of the cool things that we saw there...  In the midst of all of this are a set of old medical and dental instruments... Ok they look like torture instruments.  I hope my patients don't think of me that way! Ha ha!

We have been busy. Life is busy.  But my wife is so good at reminding us that it is most important when we take time for each other.  The time with family doing things helps you grow together.  She is one smart woman!

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