Chic's Beach - La Vie Est Belle

Don't you just love the ocean?

My family and I recently moved to Virginia from Las Vegas and as soon as we arrived I was itching to get out at sunrise and watch some beauty unfold.  I scouted out my locations and finally decided to go to a place called Chic's Beach.  No not Chick - but Chic's Beach.  Besides at 5 AM there weren't many people around besides myself and an early morning fisherman.  In any case, I loved this giant bridge that was there and took a few shots of it and here are the two that I like the most.  

Into Nothing

Welcome to Virginia Beach

As I took some long exposures in the low light and watched the water glass over I was anticipating a great sunrise and I was not disappointed!  As the sun peaked over the distant ocean there it was a bright pink in color and it was perfectly round and gorgeous!  Sometimes when I am by myself, or with a lone fisherman, I want to just shout to the world "Hey, your missing this!"  

I'm just grateful that God paints a beautiful sky even if no one else is around to enjoy it but me!


"God is in the details!"

"Just as the Lord knows all of His vast creations, He also knows and loves each in any crowd—indeed, He knows and loves each and all of mankind!"

- Neal A. Maxwell

In The Details

This shot turned out pretty cool! If you look closely you can see a little canoe and then on the horizon are three huge Navy ships.  Yes, that is how they do it here in Virginia Beach the Navy is everywhere!

boat - BOATS

Kayaking at Sunrise
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