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Christmas Card

Once upon a time there lived a man and his wife… I’d like to start out our letter this year as if our life were a fairy tale. Sometimes it feels that way. Like when we went to the beach for the first time arriving in Virginia Beach. McKay was literally rolling in the sand throwing it on top of him. I had to restrain Kennedy from barreling into the water and diving into the ocean. They both had their clothes on and didn’t have swimming suits on. But they were SOOO excited to finally be to what would be our “home” for the next year of our life.

The excitement that the kids showed when getting to the beach was probably because we had to drive with them across the country. Which took 10 days, over 2,500 miles and over 50 hours in the car! They never tell you that part of the fairy tell. The good moments only happen because you’ve had to travel through some kind of difficulty. We had plenty of moments along the way when the kids, and us, had our break downs, but we finally made it to our new home. Along the way we stopped in Page AZ, Monticello to see grandma and grandpa, Denver CO, Kansas City KS, St Louis MS, in the mountains of West Virginia. Plenty of memories for Linz and I to hold on to and think twice about before taking a road trip across country with two toddlers and a pregnant not-so-comfortable wife.

The whole cross country trip started because I finished (finally) and graduated dental school from UNLV. Then I have a commitment to the US Navy I got orders to go to Naval Station Norfolk. Our stay in Norfolk and Virginia Beach will be short lived however because we got a second set of orders to spend 3 years in Okinawa Japan-which will start in August 2015! No, we couldn’t, believe it either!

Linz has been busy taking care of Kennedy and McKay while being pregnant and then delivering our third beautiful child Hayden Lee Torres. She continues to teach for an online university and enjoys having a little extra money for herself to spend at Target which is one of her favorite spots to wonder around. She also loves her times when she gets to go to the gym and pop in some head phones and workout unencumbered by children.

Kennedy (4) is in preschool and is curious about everything that goes on around her. She can now recognize her letters and can almost write all of them correctly. She had a really hard time writing her name because she would always do the E’s backward, but after some drama she finally got it down. She has be taking gymnastics, dance, soccer and did some swimming this year as well. She loves being in primary at church and will be singing the songs out loud as she playing during the day.

McKay (3) is a bundle of energy. He doesn’t walk anywhere but prefers to run, jump, climb or hurdle as his preferred traveling method. He really likes the Disney movie “Planes” right now and carries his airplanes around and has to have them accounted for at all times. He is taking a story time class at the library and is also taking soccer and was in gymnastics. He will be starting basketball in January. His favorite activity is to wrestle. He prefers dad as his victim but since dad is at work he sometimes decides mom wants to wrestle as well. Sometimes Kennedy gets attacked by him. Lucky for us, he hasn’t started wrestling Hayden yet.

Hayden (born October 1, 2014) is just a sweet, cute and tender baby that enjoys being talked to. He isn’t fussy and is pretty content for most of the day. He’s a great baby for all the drama that had to occur to get him here! “McKennedy”, as we like to call them, both adore him and like to talk him. It is nice to have a baby that can only lay on his back because the other two keep us running enough. Having a baby in our house just seems to make everyone happier!

And the fairy tale of the Torres family concludes for another year. Our adventures next year will take us even further away from home and family. But it wouldn’t be a good story if the prince and princess never left the castle! We love you all and pray that God will always watch over you!

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