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Christmas Weekend

Christmas 2014 What a great Christmas we had this year. Christmas eve we spent a lot of time trying to focus the kids and us on the true meaning of christmas by talking about the nativity. We spent time reading it from the Bible as well as trying to watch some videos from The Mormon Channel. It is a little difficult to focus two toddlers and a new born on anything for more than a few minutes. But we did our best. Our kids went to bed all excited for the next day. We were afraid McKay was going to get up super early, because that’s his thing to do. The kids did pretty good sleeping and we finally got up an headed down the stairs at 7 AM. Kennedy got a doll house and a goggle of Disney Princesses. McKay got a Blade Helicopter from Disney Planes Fire and Rescue and Baymax from Big Hero.

The kids were pretty excited for their presents and couldn’t stop until every present was unwrapped and we were nearly buried in wrapping paper. Linz cooked us an amazing breakfast which just made the morning that much more perfect. The kids were content the rest of the morning to play with all of their new toys and then fight over them because they wanted to have each other’s toys as well.

We decided to head to Washington DC since we hadn’t yet made it up there as a family. We had two places we wanted to hit - first was the Washington DC temple and second was the Smithsonian Zoo.

The Zoo was awesome! The kids loved seeing the bear crawl up and down a tree, we saw the lions get fed, we saw a giant gorilla jump up and bang the wall, we saw a panda eating its lunch. All in all we had great time. We know we are reaching our limit when the kids start to get kind of whiny and its time for lunch so we stop and get lunch. Well 50 dollars latter we all had our food. I guess entrance to the zoo is free but the food ain’t! We all got chicken strips and fries - 50 dollars worth!!!

We then retreated back to our hotel and took a nice needed nap. We then went out to the Washington DC temple. It was amazing and the lights were magical. The only draw back is that it gets kind of crazy with people at night. The visitor center is slammed with people. Like I remember new years eve when Linz and I were in Disneyland and we had to hold on to each other pretty tightly or else we would lose each other in the crowd. Pretty much that was what it was like in the visitor center. I was scared my kids were gonna get trampled so we stayed outside of the most part. But we did get some nice pictures of the lights and the colors and the kids.

The next morning we decided to push our luck and go and see the Lincoln memorial and maybe the washington monument. We ended up “seeing” both. But we didn’t get to spend the time that Linz and I wanted to. The kids were tired and enough was enough. We packed up and headed back home to Virginia Beach. Our christmas vacation was emoting to and end.

I will say that when we were putting up the Christmas decorations that McKay started to hystarically cry because he didn’t want Christmas to end. And he didn’t want Christof - our Elf on the Shelf - to be packed away for a whole year. I guess we did something right if he enjoyed his christmas that much. God has blessed us with too much sometimes. I feel like my life is over flowing with blessing and I truly don’t have room enough to receive them. I look down at my family and wonder how it is possible to be so lucky. How can I be blessed with such a picture perfect life? Count your blessing name them one by one and it will surprise what the Lord has done.

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