Downtown Norfolk - La Vie Est Belle

Downtown Norfolk

Pier, Ships and Cranes

It has been a while since I had a chance to get out and take my camera and do some bonding with it!  Most weeks Saturdays are the only day I get to go out take some shots.  The weather was going to be overcast with a high likelihood of rain so I thought that some night photography would be best.  I didn't think sunrise would give me any colors.  So I picked a good location where I could look across the bay and pier at a bridge and some of the awesome Navy ships that are around here.  

Norfolk Police

Isn't this little boat awesome looking?

I thought so!  On the pier there were a bunch of boats that were at the dock but this one was little and had some character I thought.  I can't imagine that this little boat would be able to chase down any of the other boats that were at the dock.  I'm sure it isn't known for it's speed, but hey what do I know!

Really one of my favorite things is to just walk in a city and get to know its "feel."  I'd been to this pier and downtown part of Norfolk one other time and it was slammed with people.  But when there is no one else out you get to know what the city feels like.  I loved walked along the pier and seeing this ship.  If my son where with me he would yell "Pirates!" and then try and climb on.  

Walking on the Pier

Here are a few other pics that I took that morning...

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