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Fall in Virginia

This is our first fall in Virginia and we have loved it so far.  There are so many things to do and so much that can be seen we have been busy every weekend trying to do something fun!  So there are a lot of different farms around Virginia Beach and each one has it's own fall festival.  We decided to go to one and enjoyed every minute.  

Some of the fun things we did was feed the pigs and chicks, played in a the corn pit, ride the pony, go on a hay ride, and pick out pumpkins.  We also got freshly squeezed lemoned and some southern BBQ which was delicious!  All in a good day's work!

I thought this was a super cute picture of my wife and our THREE kids!  He is carrying Hayden on her in the pack.  The other kids are eating a snack while we wait for the hay ride.  I love that my wife is give the peace sign because she has been so at peace ever since Hayden was born. Our second baby seemed to stress us out way more than this one.  I feel like the third baby has not been a stress or a burden at all.  Maybe he is just such a cute boy that it is nice to have him around. 

Here is all of us together!  Fall in Virginia has been awesome so far.  The fall colors haven't really started yet.  But we are looking forward to that and so be on the lookout for lots of pictures.  

La Vie Est Belle

Below is a slide show of a conglomeration of pictures that I have taken over the past couple of weeks.  Check it out!

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