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Family Photos

For this year's family pictures we decided to do it combined with another family.  I was going to take their pictures and I would just have them take pictures of us at the same locations.  Good idea right?

We went to a place called Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  It is an awesome place!  There are so many locations to take awesome photos.  There were some rose gardens and nice bridge and a meadow full of flowers. 


Needless to say taking family pictures with 2 toddlers and a new born is almost impossible!  I say almost because if you take enough photos of kids then eventually you will get a good looking photo.  My word of advice for anyone taking family photos.  Don't try and get all uptight about the kids running around and being crazy.  Its better to have the kids happy then to have them crying, upset and angry.  Let them run around and then try and round them up.  The third picture above is McKay when we had to drag him for the picture.  But, hey, live and learn right?

Trying to take pictures of my three kids was a little hard.  Kennedy wanted to be a princess and so she had to bring her dress.  It was fun to take some pictures of her running through the fields of flowers.  

McKay wanted to have his airplanes and rad to run in order to have the airplanes fly.  So I had to redo his pictures at the house on a Sunday morning.

Hayden was just adorable.  He cuddled right up to his mom and just gave us that perfect baby face.  

This last photo was of Linz and Hayden.  By far my favorite photo of the night.  Linz is just beautiful and perfect (as she always is).  Hayden is just looking up into heaven hoping the angels come down.  

Family is the reason for life.  Sometimes I feel that as the dad I wake up every day and all I do is work.  I've told my wife that I feel that life is work.  But if that is the case then I would have missed the point.  I would have missed the most important part of life.  They are why I go to work.  They are the reason why I find joy when I wake up and joy when I go to bed.  I'll love them forever.

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