Jan 2, 2015 - La Vie Est Belle

Jan 2, 2015

Downtown Virginia Beach has just about everything that you could want to do.  Even in the winter it has some amazing things to do.  It was a street of lights that you can drive through, which we did!  Also it has a cute little ice rink there.  Kennedy has been talking about going for a while now and we finally at enough time (and will power) to take them.  

You know how sometimes taking kids to "fun" things ends up just being a lot of work for mom and dad so that the kids can have a few minutes of fun?  Well this picture shows us having fun.  We did have a good time and it wasn't THAT much work.  

I keep on having these really precious moments when it dawns on me how lucky I am.  I was holding Hayden and watching Linz push around the kids.  It was like I was in one of those cheesy christmas movies that they always play on ABC family.  It was one of those moments when everything was just right.  I think God gives me (us) those whisperings because later without them parenting would be really, really hard.  It are those small moments that keep me going as a parent.  They urge me to keep going, keep trying and keep improving.  Those moments when I realize how much love I have to give, urges me to love even more.  Those moments invite me to be more patient, kind and full of love.   

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