Las Vegas - La Vie Est Belle

Bright lights, huge buildings and always things going on - Las Vegas.  For the past  4 years I've been living here.  There are things I liked about living here and things I didn't like. But it must be said that when people come in from other countries to visit the US, they all want to come to Vegas.  I've done my best to enjoy the time that I have here.  As far and "landscape" photography there isn't much here but dirt and some rocks.  But the desert does provide a good composition if you know where to look. 

The downtown strip is always fun to photograph. But it is always terribly busy with people so in order to find the street vacant you have to wake up at 4 AM.  Here are a couple of shots of it in the early morning when no one is there.

Even at 4 AM there are people out on the streets and I always wonder to myself: did you wake up this early? Or have you not gone to sleep?  I'm sure no one is crazy enough to get up at 4 AM... unless you're me of course.

Left: some castle spires.

Middle: the Paris with the brand new observation wheel in the background.

Right: a cafe right outside the Paris.

The NY NY is a great place to catch a good photo opportunity with some motion from the cars.  It took me a while to find the best place to catch all of it but I think I finally found a good spot.

The new observation wheel call the "High Roller" has been a hot topic in Vegas right now and as I was wondering around one more I kind of just stumbled upon this nice little cafe with the sun rising right behind the wheel making for a great composition!

Inside the Venetian is fun as well.  The gondolas and inside river make it fun to shoot in HDR. 

If you ever go to Vegas and you are ready for photo opportunities there are many! You just may have to wake up at 4 AM to see them all!  But don't let the that stop you! 

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