Last Sunset - La Vie Est Belle

This was my last weekend in Las Vegas before we make a final move to Virginia!  It will be a long road trip, but how much fun will that be? 

I wanted to take my camera out for one more photo opportunity.  So I packed up my gear and headed out to red rock canyon. I had in mind the location of where I wanted to go.  I wanted to climb up on the red rock boulders and get a photo looking west over to the mountains.  All that day there were clouds in the sky but as I approached the park the sky looked pretty clear so I was worried it wasn't going to be any good.  But I was out and I was going to take my pictures :)

Calico Hills at Sunset

The Sky itself was not great by any means but I did find what I thought were ok compositions and took some HDR shots.  There were a few whispy clouds in the skys but that didn't add much to the sunset.

Red Rock Vistas

Calico HIlls Pano

I've been looking at a lot of black and white landscape photos lately and have been really intrigued by them.  The feeling you get with a black and white photo is completely different than with a color.  So I tried a couple of shots here in black and white.  I actually think they turned out much better than the color photos.

Las Vegas has been extremely good to me and my family.  We have made some wonderful friends that have been kind to us and helped us along the path of life.  We will always remember friendships and memories we've made in Las Vegas.  This last photo is my favorite out of the whole bunch.  The shapes of the rocks along with the sky turned out marvelous with a black and white back ground.

Final Sunset

Calico Hills at Sunset
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