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March Madness

This month has gone by so fast!  Our time in Okinawa in come to an end faster than we want it to.  The weather has been getting back to the normal warmth again and so we have been enjoying a lot of outside time.  I really think that is going to be one of the hardest things about moving back to normal life is having to deal with cold weather in the winter.  Lucky for us, we are going to CA and the weather will still be nice.  

Linz and I celebrated the birthday of a friend.  They had a 1920's themed party.  Linz dressed us up as gangsters.  Our kids thought it was pretty funny to see us dress up and kept asking us why we were so fancy.  

I had Kennedy stand on a chair and take a few photos of us in our outfits.

There are a lot of things that happen in our "normal" days that don't often get shared with everyone on social media.  

Dinner time is something we try to do together.  Linz usually sits by Hayden and I sit by McKay.  Kennedy sits on the end of the table.  Hayden stands on his chair while he eats.  Mind you he has boaster seat also.  So when he stands he like 6 feet tall.  Then he rocks back and forth and side to side.  "Hayden sit down."  He obediently squats and then stands four seconds later.  He loves to touch Linz while he eats.  He reaches out and touches her face and arms and hands.  It might slightly annoy my wife.  

We always read to our kids every night before bed.  Kennedy has to do 20 minutes of reading a day and McKay probably does 10.  Needless to say, we are doing a lot of reading in our house.  I have personally loved to talk about the books with the kids, you can see their minds think and stir.  It gives us a chance to ask them questions and it is fun to see what their answers are.  Currently we are half way through one of my childhood favorite books "My Side of the Mountain."  This is in preparation for going to visit and stay at Grandpa and Grandma Torres house.  I've gotten to tell them about stories from when I was a kids.  Lots of stories about when me, my dad and my grandpa were all in the mountain.  I think my parents would be surprised by how much I remember about my childhood.

Hayden had the end of his preschool year celebration.  They sang and danced and had some food together.  The teachers all adore Hayden and say he is the nicest and well behaved kid at school.  Linz and I both look at each other in shock thinking "Are you sure that is OUR Hayden?"

I was not able to attend the celebration because of work but Linz certainly was.  That is one advantage of being a stay at home mom.  You are there for all of the important events.  I have been jealous of this fact many times.  But at the same Moms are present during the throw up, diarrhea, vomit... Then I'm not so jealous.  

Other random occurrences around the house was  water gun fight in the back patio.  Water colors and mixing on the back patio.  Bike riding to the park. 

One weekend we decided to take our family and meet another family at the beach for a sunset picnic.  We get to the park, start playing and it starts to rain!  We thought our night was going to be ruined.  But we stuck it out and the skies cleared enough for us to eat our packed dinner.  The family we went with played with our kids and the adults were able to talk and enjoy each others company.  

When we first arrived in Okinawa we went to this beach all the time.  It is close and we could get there in a matter of 15 minutes.  We still come here but not quite as often.  There is a picture a took of Hayden at this beach when we first got here almost 3 years ago.  As I was walking around with Hayden I kept thinking of this particular picture and I wanted to duplicate it.  But the water was crashing WAY to strongly to replicate it.  But did get another one of him at the same beach.  It is amazing to see the growth that he has had in our time here.  He has grown up soooo much!  Of all the kids, he has changed the most.  

Hayden March 2016

Hayden's Sunset Spot

Hayden March 2018

Kennedy got invited one evening to a friends birthday party and Linz and the boys went out in town for an adventure.  We walked along a beautiful path, saw some awesome bridges, played at the park, and ate some of the best garlic fried rice I've ever eaten.  McKay has been eating about twice his body weight in food at every meal these days.  I think he out ate me at dinner.  But we had a great time!  When you go out for dinner in Japan you don't get a good steak, burger or italian food.  You get rice, ramen and goyza!


Easter is maybe my wife's favorite Holiday.  We began the celebration a little early because we are going to be leaving the country on our last BIG family vacation before preparing to move back to the States.  We colored easter eggs and Linz dressed us up all nice for church.  Hayden got more dye on him than on his eggs.  McKay wanted to draw silly faces on his.  Kennedy took time to carefully create of perfect piece of art for each one.  Linz boiled a dozen eggs for each kid!  I think I'm gonna be sick of boiled eggs because we have to finish all three dozen by the time we leave in 2 days.

Soccer this month has been so much fun!  We have had some close games and some blow outs.  Both of the kids teams have yet to lose a game this year and so it has been fun and they have both been happy.   They have both scored goals in their games and that made the whole Saturday a little better for them.  The thing we are going to miss are the friendships the kids have.  Kennedy is on a co-ed team with some older boys.  They always come up to her and say hi.  She scored a goal in the last game and had a bunch of them all run up to her and give her five.  One day I won't enjoy the boys running up to Kennedy, but right now it is fine.  McKay has one of his best friend on the team.  They have played every sport in every season together for the past year.  They are some of the best  players on the team and when they aren't having practices they are playing down at the park together.  McKay will look of the balcony every night and see if there are any boys playing soccer.  If there is a gathering of soccer kids,  he bolts to the door as fast as he can because he doesn't want to miss out.

I am extremely grateful for all the I have in my life.  I've had some experiences that I never would have ever dreamed of.  I'm grateful fo the relationships we have developed.  I'm grateful for the goodness of others around us.  

Looking to the future - April is going to be full of fun!  It is going to be awesome.  It is going to start off with a bang because we are going to be traveling to Bali, Indonesia for 10 days!  

Thanks for checking on us and stopping by!

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