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New Beginnings

I was driving in my new truck listening to some  awesome tunes.  Linz had the kids and were driving about an hour behind me.  I had enjoyed a few podcasts and audiobooks with my alone time.  Life was good.  

As I approached my destination I called  my Too Kind and Loving Wife.  "Linz you know I am driving into a town I've never been to, to pick up a key to a house I've never seen.  Then I'm going to change into my Navy uniform and go to a military base I've never visited, to check into a job I'ver never been to."

In a matter of a few months me and my little family have undergone so many changes, experiences and adjustments.  We have had to adjust to  living in America, sleeping in a three new time zones, seeing family, leaving family, new schools, new friends, new church, new house, new cars, new neighborhood and so many more things.  

We are now living in Hanford California.  I am working at the Lemoore Naval Airstation supporting the Naval airman and women.  

Kennedy and McKay are going to a local elementary school.  Hayden is enrolled in a pre-school.  

We went out to some local activities in the community. They have some pretty good splash pads around. We also went to the Thursday night market. They have so much fresh fruit here it is incredible. The market is full of local farmers selling their produce. We have, in the miles around us,  grapes, tomatoes, cotton, peaches, watermelons, walnuts and so much more! The local farmers are awesome.

One Saturday I took the kids out for a hike and for a picnic lunch. We drove towards Kings Canyon and then got off and went for a walk along a trail. It was so hot that day. The heat in this part of the world is so dry. Like suck all of the moisture out of you. I thought the kids were going to die, but they did really well. Hayden even hiked the whole way. We found a great places to play and climb and hang out while we ate our lunch. There were these two green moss covered ponds. They were kind of gross but the kids thought they were cool looking. After we finished we headed back home. 

Of all the things we miss about Okinawa, the beach has to be th number one thing. It was such a big part of our daily life for three years. I just can’t believe how much we miss it. Our kids miss it also. They ask about it a lot. So we decided to oack up our things and head to the beach.  We were all in shorts, flip flops and swim suits. Then we arrive and get ou t of th car and we realize that, although Hanford was 110 it was 65 on the coast and the water temperature was freezing! This is in stark contrast to Okinawa where the air was warm and the water was like bath water.

The beach is called moon stone beach.

We spent the day lounging on the beach, doing a little hike and running from the enormous waves. Hayden and McKay in particular had a great time chasing the waves. The water was cold and full of algae. But there was a bunch of drift wood along the shore that the kids played with. Building a hut and pretnding that they were stranded on an island.

Out kids certainly know how to spend some good time at the beach. We love exploring along th coast and finding all of the hidden secrets of the sea. We didn’t bring great hiking shoes but we toughed it out in flip flops. 


Some other things that have been happening...

Kennedy - in third grade. She is taking an acting class once a week and is also in parkour with McKay. She has started making some friends. She rides the bus home everyday and is responsible for making sure McKay gets home safely. She was terrified when Linz drove her up to her new school on the first day. New kids, new school.. she got a little intimidated. But she has adjusted well now and really like her class and her teacher.

McKay - in first grade. I think McKay s three years of Japan style education has done him good because he keeps telling us he is finishong first in all thr lessons and has not had any homework yet. He has made several friends in school and loves to play soccer and basketball at recess. He is in parkour lessons once a week and now has soccer practice twice a week. 

Hayden - oh what can I say about our Hayden. He keep us all on our toes. He is the center of all things that happen. He and mom get to spend endless hours together because the older two are at school. He triend his hand a gymnasticse and broke his arm. So we had to visit tow ERs and multiple doctor visits in order to determine that, sire enough there was a hairline fracture in his arm. He got a cast and now he is supper good about it. But has to be in a cast for 4 weeks.

linz and I learned how to pick grapes for the Church‘s welfare farm. We ate ice cream at a local dairy. We played at lots of parks. 

Here is a collection of random photos of our togethernes.

Family life is amazing. I am grateful each day for what I have and for who the lord has given to me. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the responsibility that I have as a father. But then I feel an overpowering comfort the God cares for me and doesn’t want me to fail. In those quiet moments I always know that God will help us find success. Even if it is in a town I’ve never been to and in a  house we have never lived in. This is a new beginning and a new chapter...

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