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Norfolk Children's Festival

What a Saturday!  Today was the 23rd annual Norfolk Children's Festival!  It had rained all night but cleared up and turned into a really hot day.  But we got there early enough that we avoided the masses upon masses of people. Don't get me wrong it was still busy, but not nearly as busy as when we decided to leave.  

Isn't is funny how different boys and girls are?

Kennedy just wanted to do crafts upon crafts.  You can see that she made a jean bag that she got to decorate.  She also found a princess tent and was in heaven.  They got to dress up as princesses with shoes, crowns and sit in front of a mirror and brush her hair.

What more could a little girl want?

She is also obsessed with mermaids and so she loved seeing all of them in downtown Norfolk.  She is with our good friend Jenika who is helping watch our kids.  

While Kennedy loved to craft and dress as a princess, my son wanted a pirate sword and wanted to explore the pirate ship.  He also wanted to build his tool box from Home Depot.  He had to hit in every nail all by himself.  He refused any help by me and only wanted to do it himself.  In the end he hit in the nail and did a great job!  

LIFE LESSON: Isn't it funny that sometimes we want to hold our children's hand and help them when they start to want to do things by themselves.  How can we balance help with letting them test their strength?  I know my kids are young but every time I let them do things themselves they learn and grow.  I feel that as long as we instruct them and they know what to do they can figure out how to do it along the way.  Besides if they start trying things themselves and need help they know mom and dad are there to answer questions.  Wouldn't it be great if they can asking questions and asking for help?  

So they even had characters at this Children' s Festival.  They had to take a picture with Danial Tiger.  Ummm not exactly sure what the girl was doing or what her "job" was.  But she was standing there with ever person that wanted to get a picture with Daniel Tiger.  She looked happy to be helping right? Ha ha! 

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