Oceana Naval Air Show - La Vie Est Belle

Oceana Naval Air Show

It would be assumed to those that have no knowledge that the Navy is most just ships. But the Navy has a very strong air command!  I took my family to the air show at the Ocean Naval Station and it was awesome!  It was an all day event, but 2 toddlers don't sit for anything all day even if it is that good!

It was awesome to see the different planes from different eras.  It was also cool to the see the newest planes and the things that the US Navy keeps coming up with to defend our freedom.  

Indeed the Highlight of the show as to see the Blue Angels perform.  They are astounding!  The stunts they do with the precision they perform is absolutely amazing.  It almost made me want to be a pilot.  Except for the fact that I get airsick and can't really take the ups and downs.  But for a split second I thought about it then decided I'll stick to my camera with my feet on the ground!

Here is a photo of my son.  He didn't want to watch the show, he just wanted a toy airplane to play with so he could put on his own show.  But he was happy so it was worth it :)


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