October - La Vie Est Belle


October has been a pretty busy month.  We had a new baby born. I had a birthday.  McKay turned 3. Halloween. Fall festivals. Trunk or Treat.  WOW! Seriously I haven't even had a chance to take a break from everything that has been going on.  I keep on thinking I wish I had a chance to take my camera out and take some pictures.  But I WAS using my camera almost every day trying to take pictures of all we were doing.  

Baby Hayden

I can't even tell you how much this kid has changed in one month!!!  He has only gotten cuter and funner to have around.  He is started to get a little chunky and like any good baby he likes to eat, sleep and poop.  He is a cute little kid.  He likes it when you talk to him and give him uninterrupted eye contact.  He loves his mom! Dad usually can't calm him down.  But mom always does the trick.  

McKay's Birthday

McKay's Birthday was SO much fun! There were 12 kids there.  Linz arranged a bounce house for them to play in.  We ordered pizza.  McKay is obsessed with Planes right now and so that was the theme of the party.  As you can see the house was nicely decorated for him.  He got probably 20 new plane toys.  The got a couple of Planes T-shirts, shoes and a bunch of other things planes related.  

I have to say that McKay is a rambunctious, rowdy and playful little boy.  He loves to run, jump, climb, wrestle, hit, throw and bounce everywhere he goes.  We love his energy and how is always willing to play.  We love that when he falls down he gets right back up and keeps trying.  McKay is kind to others and doesn't like fights or conflicts.  He does his best to be friends with everyone around him.  We sure do love him.  

Kennedy has become my photography model.  Of my kids, she is the only one that likes to have her picture taken.  She doesn't always let me take her picture.  But most of the time I can get a pretty good smile from her.  She is a cute little girl with a big heart.  She does everything with her whole heart and soul.  She lives life to the fullest every single day and every moment.  There never has been a day yet were she hasn't smiled and laughed.  She loves life and gets excited for every new adventure!  What a joy it is to have her in our family.

The headband is from my sister and she asked me to have Kennedy model it for her so that she could post it on her own website.

This year we decided to get dressed up as a family for Halloween as The Incredibles.  We fit the roles perfectly.  McKay is a perfect Dash.  I'm the perfect Mr. Incredible.  My wife is the perfect Mrs. Incredible.  Kennedy makes a great blonde Violet.  Then we have a cute little baby who is Jack-Jack.  We went to a trunk or treat at the church.  Kennedy had a party at her preschool and a parade.  Then on Halloween night we went around the neighborhood and finished by letting the kid help hand out candy to trick-or-treaters  


Octoboer was a wonderful month.  Our life has been super busy and we have been having lots of fun.  Adjusting to 3 kids is fun but a lot of work.  We are loving life and working on being a good family together.  Hopefully November is just as fun!

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