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Piers in Virginia

I've lived in Virginia for only a couple of months after growing up in the west and it certainly is different here!  The biggest difference is the amount of water that is out here.  I grew up in the desert with red rock and canyons.  Here I am surrounded by rivers, ocean inlets, bays and fishing piers.  Fishing piers are a huge attraction here.  People love them for a lot of reasons and I love them because they are awesome for taking photos!.

The other great thing about piers is that they make for great photography in color and black and white.  The black and white were taken on a morning when it was overcast with little color from the sunrise.  The last of the three was taken as I was trying to do an HDR shot but after it was done I like the single shot after all.  

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Hope you come back soon:)

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