Textures - La Vie Est Belle


Does anyone else love textures in their photography?

I wouldn't say that I love them in every photograph.  But they are nice every once in a while to add some flair to a picture.  Until about 3 hours ago I had no idea how to do them.  So what do I do? Ask google!  

This whole thing came about because I was really bored this afternoon and stuck at work with nothing else better to do.  What better to do to pass the time then to figure out how to add textures to my photos?

I picked 4 photos that were different and distinct form each other and decided that I would try and find a texture for each one.  Below are the four pictures. What do you think?

My favorite by far is the last one.  I think the little bit of texture just makes the picture look really awesome!  

I also love the one with my kids.  Mostly because it is a picture of my kids having fun at the beach and I got to be there with them.  Those moments make me happy.  

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