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Family LOVE - January 11

We visited Tokyo Disney as a family in 2016 and were blown away by all of the amazing sites and sounds.  One of the most impressive places was in Tokyo Disney Sea.  The underwater mermaid lagoon just blew us away!  

Mermaid Lagoon - Tokyo Disney

This is a waterfall that falls right into the ocean.  It is located at the very southern tip of Okinawa.  I don't think it has an official name.  You seriously can't beat the view!  I've been here several times with my family, by myself and with some fellow photographers.  I have never once been disappointed.  

Southern Falls of Okinawa

We spent almost a whole day at a beach located right next to "Cafe on the Beach".  We found a great place to swim and the kids played and played.  We explored the caves and surrounding beaches.  There was no other person around.  Then when we were just about to be done it started to downpour rain on us!  We had a great time with it.  

Cafe on the Beach

Ikei Island is home to one of the funnest beaches we have ever been to.  It is called Oodomori or the Mamasan Beach.  There are so many fish there.  We snorkeled there for hours on end and have gone back time and time again.  As soon as you walk into the water the fish come to greet you and almost attack you.  There are some clown fish here if you know where to look.  Also the sand on this location is also quite amazing!

Mamasan Beach

When we first arrived in Okinawa we had our eyes set on this part of the ocean to explore.  It has a beach, but the place really becomes magical as the tide starts to go out and you begin to see all of these tide pools pop up.  There are a ton of fish, octopus, and many other sea creatures that you can find here.  We went with some friends and spent a good amount of time here enjoying the sun and the water.  Had our masks and snorkel on for hours!

Kouri Island Tide Pools

We travelled to Taiwan and spent about a week there.  It was a whirlwind of an adventure.  But we saw and did some amazing things there.  If you want to see all of my photos you can click here to find them all.  Our top things we saw were Taipei 101 with a hike up Elephant mountain.  We saw the hot springs and ate lots of yummy night market food.  The highlight was to go to the Ping-Xi Lantern festival where we launched our lanterns in to the night sky.  I will never do it again and I won't soon forget it.