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Oreo Face - February 22

Oreo Face - February 22

At lunch before church we told the kids that if they eat everything on their plate they could have a cookie. McKay quickly put away everything on his plate and then asked for a cookie. Linz went to the pantry and grabbed a chocolate cookie. Who doesn't like chocolate chip, right? Well McKay looks at it and says "not this cookie Mom. I want the one with the white stuff in the middle." We always have a secret stash of oreos somewhere in the house. So McKay got his oreo and then devored it. He looked so funny because he was all dressed up handsome for church and his face was a disaster because of the oreo. We wiped it off. But then we got to church we told him not to walk in the snow. McKay thought "Oh what a great idea to walk in the snow." So he tromped right through the snow getting his pants all wet. After church more of the snow had melted and created an aray of different puddles between the door of the church and our car. McKay walks out the door and jumps with both feet into the largest puddle he can find and yells "canon ball!" He splashed his sister who proceded to freak out because her pretty dress was now wet! We do try to keep McKay in line but sometimes its just better to let him do what he wants to do. Besides I'm glad my boy is all boy!

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