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Blue Berry Picking - July 3
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Pretty Girl - February 26

Pretty Girl - February 26

Today was, yet again, another snow day. School and work were canceled. I think every business in town was shut down and we were stuck at home. The kids were excited for the snow at first. We got them outside and they played and made a snowman. But after they got cold they came inside and we had to pull out every trick in the book to keep them entertained. McKay is the hardest because he is so high energy he need someway to get a release and if he doesn't all he wants to do is wrestle. Linz and I had several conversation today about how we don't want to live in the snow again! Seriously it almost ruins my day when I wake up to a pile full of snow. We prefer the beaches. We thought VB was going to be all sunny and no winter. I guess we got unlucky this year! But at least Kennedy is super cute in this picture. I love her little face. I might have to invest in some guns to keep all of the boys away when she gets older.

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