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Fire and Rescue - February 28

Fire and Rescue - February 28

I have had a few thoughts today. First is that I am so glad that the month of February is finally done! I think it is my least favorite month. But looking back we have been blessed with protection and closeness to family. I was the on call doctor today and got called in to do a root canal on someone. Poor man had been in pain for days and finally decided to come in to see me. He said that morning was in so much pain. Anyways it was a rough visit for him and for me. When you have hot tooth like that it isn't easy to get it calmed down. But he called me later today and told me he is feeling much better. So I'm happy for that. McKay was scheduled to have his last basketball game today. But they canceled it. Or I guess they did. We showed up and no one was there. We as consolation to him we took the family to Chuck E Cheese. It was a crazy zoo with milllions of little kids every where! I kept of thinking of my Father-in-law and how much he would hate it there! It was loud, hot, no room to walk or talk. Just what he would love! But McKay found this fire fighter game. He is also obsessed with the movie Planes Fire and Rescue. So he enjoyed the game and I tried to take a picutre of him but it was hard because the kids were running into me, pushing me over, running in front of the camera. But I was able to get this one picture half decent. All I can say is that February is now OVER! On to March. I've been thinking of making some goal for March. To get myself remotivated and amped for life again. I'll let you know what I decide.

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