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Hanging out with Dad - March 6

Hanging out with Dad - March 6

I may be biased but I love my son McKay. He is awesome for so many reasons but one of the reason that I love him so much he I can ask him to go out with me and he always says yes! I alway tell him "McKay do you want to go on an adventure?" He always responds that he will go out with me. This particular day it was cold out and I was freezing my hands and fingers off and he didn't complain once. He came along, ran around, smiled, laughed and had a good time. He even humored me and we took this picture. I've been thinking a lot about what makes a good picture and if the picture somehow stirs an emotion that is a good photo. It's like good music. If what you are hearing brings somekind of emotion you tie yourself to that song. For me this picture brings feelings inside of me. Partially because it is me and my son But also because who wouldn't want to have a moment like this with their son?

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