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In the Indian Tent - March 24
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Learning the Gospel - February 23

Learning the Gospel - February 23

We try in our home to teach the gospel. We try to do it formally and informally. We set aside one day a week during which we teach our kids something about the gospel of Jesus Christ that we feel is important. Tonight we taught were taugh by my Too Kind and Loving wife the principle of courage. She used the story of Esther to illustrate. It was a wonderful principle to learn and beautifully taught. Sometimes when I write these I feel like I have try to paint a picture that is perfect and an ideal family and home. I think that may often give the illusion that all is perfect in our home. That is very much not so. Now don't get me wrong we are doing the very best we can. Linz and I love eachother and we lover our children. But we are all imperfect people trying to live together in harmony and love. Occasionally that love and harmony get tossed out the window. Tonight I got upset and our kids because they were whining, complaining, not listening, fighting and nagging. The thing is I usuually don't get upset. In fact it takes a lot for me to get upset. But tonight, I was trying so hard to keep things light hearted and the kids just weren't listening to anything that they were being told. Then boom! I felt bad immediatly. I guess kids need to be patient with their parents just was parents need to be patient with their kids. It's funny the longer I live the more I look on other people's imperfections with compassion. I look on their shortcomings and think to myself that I have no room to judge them. I think that perspective has come because the longer I live the more imperfections and shortcomings I see in myself. The more I realize I need compassion and mercy and a non-judgemental friendship. I'm just glad I married my nearly perfect wife. She is always inspiring me to do better. For example, today my wife gave away our double stroller to a young mom whom she had noticed was walking 2-3 miles carrying a two year old on her hip while pushing an infant in a stroller. My wife just pulled up next to her and gave her the stroller! How amazing is she! So we do try to teach gospel principles in our home. Even if it is compassion, mercy forgivenes and service. I just hope that one day our kids become more that us, become better than us...

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