American Village - La Vie Est Belle

American Village

A Perfect Evening

This place is perhaps one of the most popular places in Okinawa.  It is packed with people every night.  It is always festive to the season and time of year.  There is always something to do here.  From movie theaters and food to shopping; it has a little bit of everything.  We love going there to get us a mango ice.  They are SO good!  

If you come to Okinawa to visit this is probably going to be one of the places people take you.  It is just an great place to find lots of trinkets and shopping.  Many people gather at sunset to watch the sun go down along the sea wall here.  There are a ton of restaurants and cafe's that line the ocean wall that allow you to have a perfect view of the setting sun.  

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American Depot

American Depot

Blue Hour in America Village One of the coolest places in Okinawa.

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