Fukugawa Falls - La Vie Est Belle

Fukugawa Falls

Fukugawa Falls is an amazing location with an easy hike up to a beautiful waterfall.  The water was a little chilly  but not so cold you didn't want to get in.  The hike was all along a path the entire way.  At the end there were some stairs to get close to the falls.  The beginning was a pretty steep decline.  It was raining that day we went and path was a little slick.  Our kids slipped a few times, but no big deal.  The hike itself took maybe 20 minutes.  It was beautiful along the way and full of amazing sites.  The plants, trees and shrubs were gorgeous.  

If you want to find it use the directions and GPS location on Okinawa-Hai.

Okinawa-hai Link

Once you get to the falls there are plenty of places to sit down and just enjoy the view.  It was very deep as you get close to the water fall.  Deep enough that you couldn't touch.  There was an awesome rope swing and a cliff that was low enough to jump off.  Most of us jumped off and tried the rope swing.  Even my 4 year old did the rope swing and my 6 year old jumped off the cliff.

Here is a collection of photos I took that day.  Such an amazing location!  I am sure we will go back and visit again.  

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