Sea Glass Beach - La Vie Est Belle

Sea Glass Beach

Visiting Sea Glass Beach was one of the funnest things my kids and I have done since being in Okinawa.  The day we went we were not prepared for the amount of playing our kids did.  They had such a good time combing the beach looking for sea glass.  The collected an entire jar of it by the end.  Some of the glass was broken pottery other was glass that had been washed up on shore. 

Our littlest spent the entire time in the shallow water.  He enjoyed how warm it was and spent a good amount of time just sitting down and playing with the rocks.  

As the sun was setting I had to get out my tripod and set up for some photos.  There weren't as many clouds in the sky as I would have loved.  But the beach was beautiful and my family and I had such a good time.

Clink of this link in order to see the google map location.

Here is the Okinawa-hai write up on the place.  Okinawa-hai

If you go there be prepared to just wander around finding the sea glass and enjoying the time.  Don't be in a rush, its about the experience!

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