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Tachigawa Waterfall Cafe

HIdden Falls

Most of the best places that we have found here in Okinawa have been when we have just kind of stumbled upon.  This is one of those gems.  We found it when we were visited Okuma over Christmas.  Then we started the drive home and needed to get something to eat.  Linz spotted this place along the road and we pulled over to see it.  They had some pretty good food and was a quant cafe.  Home cooked and kind smile.

They have a terrace that overlooks a nice valley and the ocean in the background.  Then we found out that they have a beautiful waterfall at the bottom of their valley.  We took our walking sticks and we headed down the hill.  At the bottom was a great waterfall.  I stopped and of course took a photo.  

Here is the Okinawa-Hai link to the cafe: Link.

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